Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sick days and the lack of fishing

Well, I started a blog. There, I jumped straight into the deep end, and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to swim against the wind and current to get to the bank.  Just FYI, I'm not near as good at this as Owl Jones or TFM or T-Rage (I don't think Owl has copyrighted T-Rage as his personal nickname for Troutrageous). I don't fish as much as I want to, and I don't have a camera so I can make cool videos like YGF. I am pretty funny, though.  Just ask my wife and kids. Don't ask the 8 year old, ask the 2 year old...she thinks I'm hi-larious! That whole "this little piggy goes to market" thing just cracks her up!

I stayed home from work today...Peaches (8 year old) had a swimming party in the middle of the day, so I figured why even go into work? I took her to the party, went to library and then stopped by a new-ish outdoor gear consignment shop. If anyone is in the West Columbia area and wants to give some of your cash to a pretty neat guy, Bug Outfitters on Meeting Street is where to go.  Not a whole lot in the fly fishing department, but he's got a lot of advice on where to go, be it stripers, reds or trout around here.  Not that there's much to choose from for all you hardcore trout fishermen. It's the Saluda or nothing! And yes, the Saluda has trout in it, and not just those dinky ones that SC DNR stocks, either! There are...actual, real holdover trout!

Unfortunately, I did not go fishing today. We (Peaches and I) went yesterday to one of the local ponds with some-GASP- live bait! And we didn't catch a dang thing. Well, I caught some grass. Not even the kind you could smoke, but the sticky, clingy, slimy kind. So now I've got about a full container of worms to try and keep alive until my next outing. Maybe I'll go this weekend, when it's forecast to be in the low 100s...yeah, out on the river with no shade..that'll be AWESOME!

I guess if I'm going to make this blog thing work, I'm going to have to do something other than make fun of my wife and kids...which'll make this much harder than it should be. In future posts, look for more stories about how I got skunked in various sections of the Saluda River, the Broad River and Lake Murray. I'll take award winning pictures of myself with huge invisible fish, and you will find yourself saying, "Man, I wish I could be as cool as ElRakeman!". But you can't. Also look for updates on my new conservation project, STFU. Oh, wait...that doesn't mean what you think it means.

STFU is Southern Trout Fishing Unlimited...oh sure, it means what you think it means, too, but I'm gonna totally make it over. Into something even more awesome! Stay tuned!